例:ジャック(SFILの大使)の招待者の1人であるリサは、今月の1日に20 SFILを預け入れ、30日間財布に入れました。彼女は翌日さらに30SFILを預け入れ、29日間財布に入れました。そして彼女は今月の21日に10SFILを撤回しました。したがって、ジャックの貢献度は1,370(20 * 30 + 30 * 29-10 * 10)です。




個人指数=(新たに追加された販売実績/プラス成長額)*(個人貢献価値/プラス貢献価値)* 10,000


8.リワードプール:アンバサダーは、USDTを介して毎月支払われる1SFILの販売に対して$ 0.2を受け取ります。ただし、1 SFILを販売した場合の報酬は、毎月の市場動向に基づいて調整されます。
リワードプール=純成長額* 0.2U



Definition: Those who deposited more than 1,000 SFIL and have been verified by the SFIL team.

1. Sales Bonuses

Gold ambassadors with non-zero indexes are open to getting sales bonuses.

Rewards Amount=Personal Index/Composite Index*Rewards Pool


As you can learn from the following form, we’ve got Gold Ambassadors A, B, and C. Though their total deposit amount is the same, they will be given different rewards due to the token deposit and withdrawal time.

Net Growth Amount=2,178+2,178+2,178=6,534,

Positive Growth Amount=2,178+2,178+2,178=6,534,

Positive Contribution Value=20,228+45,778+33,588=99,594,

Personal Index of Gold Ambassador A: (2,178/6,534)*(20,228/99,594)*10,000=677.02

Personal Index of Gold Ambassador B: (2,178/6,534)*(45,778/99,594)*10,000=1,532.15

Personal Index of Gold Ambassador C: (2,178/6,534)*(33,588/99,594)*10,000=1,124.16

Composite Index=677.02+1,532.15+1,124.16=3,333.33

Sales Bonuses of Gold Ambassador A=677.02/3,333.33*6,534*0.2=265.42 U

Sales Bonuses of Gold Ambassador B=1532.15/3,333.33*6,534*0.2=600.67 U

Sales Bonuses of Gold Ambassador C=1,124.16/3,333.33*6,534*0.2=440.72 U

2. Cashback on Custodial Fees

Gold Ambassadors can unlock different levels of cashback percentages based on their deposit amount.

For example, Jack (Gold Ambassador) deposited 1,000 SFIL into the wallet, then he can get a 1% commission of his invitees’ daily mining revenue. Additionally, Jack can contact the official team and apply to become a Platinum Ambassador when his deposit amount is over 5,000.

3. Supports for Ambassadors


SFIL Q&A, Tutorials for Newbies, Series of Articles on SFIL’s Major Features, etc.

 2)Subsidies for Online Promotions

SFIL team will provide subsidies for online promotions, such as AMA of SFIL.

III. Rights & Interests for Platinum Ambassador: 

To become SFIL’s platinum ambassador, you should deposit 5,000+ SFIL and have your own sales team. Apart from all the rights mentioned above, platinum ambassadors are open to some upgraded rights.

1. Growth Bonuses: Platinum ambassadors can get 50% of referred ambassadors’ monthly sales bonuses.


As you can learn from the following form, we’ve got Gold Ambassador A, Gold Ambassador B, and Platinum Ambassador C. Additionally, A and B were referred by C. Those three ambassadors all get sales bonuses and extra sales bonuses. And Platinum Ambassador C will also get a Growth Reward.
Rewards for Those Three Ambassadors:
Sales Bonuses of Gold Ambassador A: 265.42U,
Sales Bonuses of Gold Ambassador B: 600.67U,
Sales Bonuses of Platinum Ambassador C: 440.72U,
Growth Bonuses of Platinum Ambassador C = 265.42*50% + 600.67*50% = 433.04U,
Total Amount of Bonuses for Platinum Ambassador C = 440.72 + 433.04 = 873.76U

2. Cashback on Custodial Fees: 

Platinum ambassadors can share the cashback percentage difference part of the custodial fees of gold ambassadors that he/she invited.

When a Platinum ambassador referred a Gold ambassador, they can get 5% of his/her daily mining revenue as well as the cashback percentage difference part of the custodial fees of his/her invitees.


ジャック(ゴールドアンバサダー)はジェームス(プラチナアンバサダー)から紹介され、ウォレットに1,000 SFILを預け入れました。そうすれば、招待者の毎日の鉱業収入で1%のキャッシュバックを得ることができます。ここでは、4%のパーセンテージの違いがあります。そしてSFILチームはそれをジェームズに渡します。さらに、ジェームズはジャックの毎日のマイニングリターンの5%を受け取ることもできます。